Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales By “Sarl Baztan – Chalet of Iparla” it is understood: All stays including at least one night, with the following options: catering: breakfast, packed lunch, relaxation area: jacuzzi access, massage leisure activities complementary to the stay: water activities and canyons, stays and multi-activity programs, business programs, internships … organized by “Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla” and its representatives and service providers. All stays and activities are OBLIGATOIREMENT subject to the general conditions and particular sales. Individualized agreements may supplement or modify the GSC.


1-1 Booking method Sending of Quotes, and return of Purchase Order accompanied by the requested deposit payment Order by phone in online payment Order by online sales site Agreement exchange and order form A reservation is said to be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit payment. No reservation will be registered without payment. For last-minute bookings, full payment will be required. 1-2 Method of payment: Check, CB (sale by distance or on the spot or by Internet), payment in CB by email, Chèques vacances, Cash, Administrative Mandate, Bank transfer, Eusko.


2-1 Price The prices are clearly displayed in HT or TTC and present the amounts of VAT at 10%, 20% and special rates Prospecting documents for individual clients and groups are priced including VAT. Only offers for professionals are displayed HT. The price of the reservation is present on the prospecting documents in your possession, and repeated in the case of a registration by telephone. When booking after a quote, the price excluding options and surcharges added on site during your stay, will be charged. No further reduction or withdrawal of the cost of services will be possible.


Solidarity commitment: As part of a group, or the registration for several people, the subscriber agrees to make known and approve the general conditions and documentation of the stay to all registered participants. In case of breach of the GTC, of ​​one or more participants, all the services are due by the contractor.


These conditions are identical for a cancellation or modification request.

  • 4-1 “à la carte” activities

When booking: 100% of the total amount is due upon reservation, no modification, retraction is possible.

  • 4-2 All-inclusive group stays / Multi-activity days

When booking: 30% of the total amount is due upon booking and kept in case of cancellation Any cancellation will be subject to the following conditions: From the date of signing the booking contract and up to 65 days before the date of the service: 30% of the price of the service will be due.

  •  Between 65 and 45 days: 50% of the price of the service will be due.
  •  Between 44 days and 30 days: 70% of the price of the service will be due.
  • Between 29 days and 15 days: 80% of the price of the service will be due.
  • Less than 14 days: 100% of the price of the service will be due.

Any partial cancellation will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Between D-60 and D-15, partial cancellations not exceeding 20% ​​of the workforce are accepted without charge
  • Between D-14 and D-7, partial cancellations not exceeding 10% of the workforce are accepted without charge

This specific schedule prevails over any other, in accordance with the agreements validated by both parties. It is understood that any variations in the workforce and purchase of options by the client may vary the amount defined above, which will lead to the drafting and signing of a rider to the quote.


The right of withdrawal of the consumer according to articles L121-21-8 of the Consumer Code are not applicable to contracts for the provision of accommodation, transport, catering, leisure, and dated services. The contractor will therefore not benefit from any right of withdrawal.


After the request of the contractor and Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla agreement, it will be possible to transfer the reservation to a third party. However the said third party must meet the conditions of registration and prerequisites announced on the technical sheet of stay. When you assign your travel contract, you remain jointly liable to the seller, the payment of the balance of the price, but also any additional costs occasioned by this transfer.


  • 7-1 Modification by the organizer:

Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla reserves the right to modify the program of a service for reasons of safety, organization, natural or accidental disasters (pollution), technical, physical or psychological level insufficient participants, without any of the participants being able to claim any compensation. Only Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla is entitled to decide on a possible modification of programs. If our organization is obliged to cancel a stay for any reason whatsoever, the participants will be fully reimbursed without being able to claim any other compensation.


  • 7-2 Modification by the customer:

Any modified service, interrupted or not consumed for some reasons it will not be able to be refunded. 8. RESPONSIBILITIES FOR LEISURE ACTIVITIES COMPLEMENTARY TO STAY Given the specific and adventurous nature of our activity, each participant is aware of the risks he may run. He assumes them with full knowledge of the facts and agrees not to put the responsibility for these risks on Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla. This also applies to rights holders and any family members. Each participant must comply with the advice and instructions given by the staff supervising the activities and stays Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla. Which can not be held responsible for incidents, accidents or bodily injury … that would result from an imprudent personal initiative. Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla disclaims any liability for personal property (loss, breakage, theft, etc.) on accommodation and activity sites, vehicles and ARTEKA center located at 64780 BIDARRAY. Each participant recognizes to immerse himself and swim 25 m, and to be in good health and not to present contraindication to the sporting practice OUTDOOR. As part of a group of several people, the subscriber undertakes to make known and approve the general conditions and the documentation of the benefit to all registered participants. For minors participating in activities and stays Sarl Baztan Arteka, under the supervision of an outside organization, it is legally responsible for the conditions of participation. For minors registered with their parents / guardians, these are responsible. A minor alone can not register without parental authorization or an identified guardian


  • 9-1Insurance underwritten by Sarl Baztan – Chalet Iparla for its customers

All Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla businesses are insured under Professional Liability. Organizational liability insurance is underwritten for all stays and multi-activity and all-inclusive programs.

  • 9-2 Sarl Baztan – Chalet d’Iparla does not offer cancellation insurance.

It is up to the contractor to subscribe his own cancellation insurance if he wishes.